Securant Bank & Trust

Cash Management Services

Maximize the return on your hard-earned capital.

Your business plan calls for realizing profit whenever and wherever possible. Make the most of every dollar you earn with Cash Management Services. By reducing administrative time and cost to manage your cash and accounts, you can focus on what is most important — maximizing your earnings. Cash Management Services offer you essential control with built-in flexibility.

Our cash management specialists are concerned about what is important to your business. They offer their experience and analyze what is right for you with the following solutions:

Securant Remote Deposit

Is the fastest way to make check deposits from the convenience of your home or office. You scan a check, transmitting data via a secured connection, and we deposit the funds in your account. Click here to view our PDF brochure.

Sweep Products

Automatically put your idle money to work by reducing interest paid on loans, increasing interest earned on excess capital, and managing accounts to make sure excess funds are not left idle.

Line of Credit Sweep

Keeps your money working to lower interest paid on lines of credit.

ACH Collections

Provide a reliable method of collecting and disbursing funds electronically to help reduce bookkeeping and collection time.

Online Banking

Assists in effective and efficient management of your bank accounts via the Internet. Access online, real-time balances with the ability to view presentments, place holds or stop payments, and check loan balances. A secure environment allows multiple users while giving you the flexibility of establishing user limits. Multi-factor authentication provides additional layers of protection.

Wire Transfer

Expedites funds electronically for international or domestic requirements.

Other Service

Other services include direct deposit, international services, and credit card merchant processing.