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Certificates of Deposits are a convenient investment vehicle with a broad variety of maturities to meet your company's short-, mid- or longer-term needs. If your business would like to set aside funds for use at a specific time in the future, we can develop a CD with a term that will fit your plans.  Our selection of CD products is flexible and convenient. For more information please contact the bank.

Investment Services

Investments play a key role in any prudent, long-term financial plan. That’s why Securant Bank & Trust® has taken the time to develop a number of investment services and investment choices. Our investment professionals can help you match your objectives and needs with the right investments.

Government Securities

Treasury Bills

These securities are obligations of the U.S. Government to pay the bearer a fixed sum at the bill’s maturity date. They provide the investor with a high degree of security and liquidity and are exempt from state taxes.

Treasury Notes and Bonds

Treasury Notes and bonds, like Treasury Bills, are obligations of the U.S. Government to pay the bearer a fixed sum at a maturity date. Maturities range from two to 30 years. These securities usually provide higher yields than Treasury Bills while still maintaining liquidity and exemption from state taxes.

Federal Agency Obligations

Federal Agency Obligations were created by Congress to support specific needs in the nation’s economy. These agencies finance funding requirements through the public sale of bonds and notes. These securities are not obligations of the U.S. Government, but rather of the Agency that issues them. They all provide fixed income with minimal risk and pay higher yields than U.S. Treasury securities of similar maturities.

Federal Farm Credit Bank Bonds (FFCBs)
The Federal Farm Credit Bank provides short and intermediate credit for the agricultural industry.

Federal Home Loan Bank Bonds (FHLBs)
The Federal Home Loan Bank issues bonds to raise money for loans to member institutions of the Federal Home Loan System.

Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)
Usually referred to as “Fannie Mae”, this association was created by an Act of Congress, but is now a publicly owned corporation with a status similar to that of the Federal Home Loan Banks. FNMA provides liquidity for the nation’s secondary mortgage market.

Government National Mortgage Association

Commonly referred to as “Ginnie Mae”, these securities are issued by the Government National Mortgage Association. They are backed by a registered FHA and VA mortgages. They carry Ginnie Mae’s guarantee of timely payment of both principal and interest. Unlike other Federal Agency Obligations, they are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC)

Commonly referred to as “Freddie Mac”, this corporation is a government-sponsored enterprise. Freddie Mac maintains an active, nationwide secondary market in conventional residential mortgages. It does this by purchasing residential mortgages from individual lenders, grouping the purchased mortgages into pools and subsequently selling securities backed by such mortgages.

Student Loan Marketing Association

Often called “Sallie Mae”, this association provided liquidity for agencies and institutions engaged in the Guaranteed Student Loan Program.

Money Market Investments

Commercial Paper

Commercial Paper represents an unsecured promissory note issued by an industrial, commercial or financial company. Investors actually lend the issuer money for a specified number of day at a specified rate of interest.

Safekeeping of Securities

Securant Bank & Trust offers automated safekeeping of your securities. When you choose to have us hold your securities in safekeeping, you have the assurance that they are safe and immediately available for trading. Plus, our automated feature assures timely payment of interest or principal. Your quarterly statement will show current values of all securities we hold.

Tax Exempt Investments

Municipal Securities

These are debt obligations of state or local governments. They represent the user’s promise to pay a specified rate of interest on the principal amount of the security until its maturity. Municipal securities consist of both long and short-term issues.

For more information about the features of these various investment options or to discuss which option would be best for you, please contact our Investment Professionals at 800-980-9277.