Personal Banking Services

Personal Services

We pride ourselves on being your full service financial partner by offering products and services over and above your standard checking and savings accounts.  You can access all your account information 24/7 by signing up for Online Banking.  Please feel free to contact us with questions about any of our offerings or products.

Automatic Transfers

Our Transfer Service moves funds from your checking account to a savings or another checking account. This service can also deduct payments on your consumer loan or home mortgage from your checking or savings account, making it more convenient for you. You simply need to request this service and the transfer will occur weekly, bi-weekly or monthly on the date you select.

Cashier's Checks

Check Imaging

Check Imaging is a service that makes checkbook balancing and cancelled check storage easy and plays an important role in your personal financial management.

Securant Bank & Trust Check Imaging replaces individual cancelled checks and deposit slips with electronically created copies in reduced size. These copies are clearly placed, ten per page, on a standard 8 1/2" x 11" laser-printed document. For quick reference, these images are presented in numerical order with the check number, amount, and posting date appearing under each image.

As an Securant Bank & Trust checking account client, you will receive your Check Imaging records with your monthly statement. These items are pre-punched and ready for you to insert into your personal check Imaging binder. Because Check Imaging records are optically stored images produced as a standard business practice of the Bank, they have been found admissible as legal evidence. We maintain image copies of your checks so you may get a duplicate copy of any check whenever you need one.

Checks Reorder Online

Now you can order your checks online! Simply go to the Deluxe website and follow the simple instructions.

Deluxe personal checks, business forms and checks

Check Safekeeping (Truncation)

As an alternative to receiving Check Imaging records, you may elect to have your cancelled checks truncated. Copies of individual checks can be requested anytime. You can obtain up to three free copies per month.

Collection Services

Combined Statement

For easier financial record keeping, you may choose to have your Securant Bank & Trust checking, saving, CD, and loan information included on one easy-to-read monthly statement.

Direct Deposit

For your convenience and protection, Securant Bank & Trust can arrange to transfer your payroll check or your government check directly into the Securant Bank & Trust account of your choice. Since deposits are made electronically, you never need to worry about having a check lost or stolen and you will have prompt access to your money. And, it doesn't cost a cent!

International Services

When traveling outside of the USA foreign currency can be obtained prior to leaving or you can obtain an international draft drawn on correspondent banks in many foreign countries. Clients wanting funds transferred to foreign bank can request wire transfer.  See Fee Schedule for charges.

Money Orders

For the client who does not have a checking account or who desires to remit payment with collected funds.

Postage-Paid Bank-By-Mail

It is easy to do practically all your banking from the comfort and convenience of your own home with postage-paid Bank-By-Mail forms and envelopes. A receipt of your deposit will be mailed to you the business day following bank’s receipt of deposit.

Stop Payments

Telephone Banking: Touch-Tone Banker

Gives you fast access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just by using your touch tone phone. Click here for more information.

Wire Transfers

For the client who desires to move funds from one bank to another.