Account Analysis

Business Clients can have their monthly fees and other service charges calculated by Account Analysis. Clients earn an Earnings Credit on all collected funds in the account. The Earnings Credit rate is based on the 4-week average of 91-day Treasury Bill, then divided by 90% to determine the earnings credit for that month. Each month the Earnings Credit will change. The credit is used to offset any service charges on the account. If the Earnings Credit is higher than the service charge total, the client would not be charged. However, if the Earnings Credit falls short of the service charge, the client’s account would be charged for the difference between the two.

If all of one company’s accounts are owned by the same account holder, these accounts can be linked to a lead account for service charge analysis. This way a company can receive the benefits of the depository relationship.

Business clients are offered a monthly analysis of their account for a $5.00 charge. This analysis clearly details the balances required to cover the cost of services. 

Charges applied to account analysis are listed in the Fee Schedule. Some examples of charges applied to the account analysis include:

  • Monthly Fee
  • Deposited Items 
  • Checks Written
  • Stop Payment Fee
  • Phone Transfers
  • Cash Orders
  • Bank Drafts
  • Wire Transfers
  • Fine Sorting