Securant Bank & Trust's® Business Bankers can help you get the short-term or longer term credit you need with custom designed packages built for your specific needs. We'll continue to deliver credit services throughout the life of your banking relationship as your needs change. Businesses need a bank that can grow with them. We have the funds you need at very competitive rates.  Equally important, our highly experienced relationship bankers will work for your to provide fast turnaround. Contact us to get started today.

Our Business Bankers can also provide sources of technical assistance available to help you organize the information and business plan needed when making a loan request.

Revolving Line of Credit

The pre-approved line of credit allows you to borrow money for your business anytime your company needs funds.  There's no long waiting period - we'll get back to you within 3 days for loans up to $100,000. You'll be saving money by borrowing only what you need.  Lines of credit are renewed annually in conjunction with the fiscal year-end of the company. This type of loan allows your business to maintain an even cash flow; and to take advantage of special discounts offered by suppliers, gear up for special sales efforts, or carry accounts receivable.

Intermediate Term Loans

These loans may run as long as three years. Intermediate term loans are typically used to finance equipment purchases, expand business operations or increase working capital.

The intermediate term loan is usually repaid in monthly or quarterly payments from the business profits and is usually secured by specific business assets.

Long Term Loans

A long-term loan typically runs for more than three years, is usually secured, and may be granted for business start-up or acquisition, purchase of major equipment, plant expansion or relocation, etc. The long term loan is commonly repaid on a monthly or quarterly basis out of cash flow or profits.

Collateral for a long-term loan may be the assets being purchased, supplemented by personal guarantees, personal assets or other business assets.

Asset Based Loans

At Securant Bank & Trust we realize that not all borrowing is straight forward. Asset-based financing allows a company to use its assets (for example: inventory, equipment, real estate or accounts receivable) as a source to borrow against. A typical asset-based loan would be a revolving line of credit that is drawn upon as needed - even daily - to increase cash flow and meet your working capital needs.  We will work with you to structure a financing arrangement that can turn your business assets into valuable cash, allowing you to expand, manage seasonal variations or take advantage of growth opportunities.

Commercial Mortgages

Our commercial mortgage program provides financing for construction, acquisition and refinance of commercial properties, as well as financing for residential development. We offer very competitive rates and terms, and flexible prepayment options. Our Mortgage Bankers have expertise in all property types and will tailor a financing arrangement that best fits your needs.  Plus, our quick decision-making helps you maximize opportunities as they become available to you.

Letters of Credit

Businesses sometimes need to provide a letter of credit to a vendor or third party as support for transactions, especially in import and export situations. Letters of Credit can help speed up business transactions and to ensure payments or delivery of goods. These documents clearly list all information regarding the transaction, making very clear the terms and conditions of the agreement. Our letters of credit include international, trade and standby letters of credit.