"People ask, "Why don't you switch to a bigger bank?" and I answer, "Why would I do that?"

Racine Danish Kringles

Mike Heyer, CEO and Chris Heyer, President - Racine Danish Kringles

For years Mike Heyer, CEO of Racine Danish Kringles has had a bet with his banker, Securant Bank & Trust's Mike Fleming. "We bet on the date I'll finish paying down my line of credit," Heyer says. The bet's about having fun, but that line of credit is serious. Chris Heyer, Mike's son and the president of Racine Danish Kringles, says, "This is a seasonal business. We build inventory in the fall, getting ready for the holidays, and the line of credit is crucial. It's great that Securant is there for us."

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"People depend on TNT Rescue's products to save their lives, and TNT's president depends on Securant Bank & Trust."

TNT Rescue

Tom Blanton, President - TNT Rescue

Tom Blanton takes pride in delivering quality products that are easy to use and warrantied for a lifetime—a rarity in the industry. He expects his bank to offer quality products and services that make it easier for him to do business, with relationships that last a long time. Securant Bank & Trust responds with the unique service he demands.

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"People don't realize how expensive and time- consuming it can be to pay 40 to 50 people every week. Securant has a great direct deposit program at a very competitive rate."

Noffke Roofing

Ken, Lucille and Ben Noffke, Three generations of family ownership - Noffke Roofing

Noffke Roofing saves time and money for not only their employees, but also the business using Securant's direct deposit. Depositing payments from customers electronically they can set up direct payments, or scan checks and deposit them online instead of making a trip to the bank. Checks can also be cleared in advance, which makes monitoring cash flow easier. Says Ben Noffke, "Securant is a very good name for this bank. They answer our questions when we call them and come to us with great ideas."

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"I called Securant and said, ‘I’m buying two machines,’ and they said, ‘Go for it.’ We literally got the OK over the phone."

Hinz Company

Darcy and David Hinz, President & Owner - Hinz Company

David Hinz takes his customers seriously when they say they need a new part yesterday. Thanks to Securant’s streamlined processes Hinz Company can quickly meet customer demands. It is easy to respond quickly to customer emergencies and to exceed customer expectations. Says David Hinz, “We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to the customers who rely on us. We expect the same from the bank we rely on.”

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"Securant is not your typical bank. They focus on the relationship right from the very beginning."

BrownStone Realty Holdings

Corey Smith, Managing Partner - BrownStone Realty Holdings

BrownStone Realty Holdings can bid more easily on properties, thanks to Securant’s customized lending accommodation. The firm uses the latest secure access technology to monitor accounts in real time. And they enjoy Securant’s support at every step. Says Corey Smith, managing partner, “My banker accompanies me at all my closings.”

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"Securant wants to help our business as much as they want to have our business. They have our best interests at heart."

Oconomowoc Transport

Sandy and Mary Syburg, Owners - Oconomowoc Transport

Oconomowoc Transport emphasizes sustainability, with 25 percent of the firm's buses using renewable energy generated at an onsite solar refueling station. Owners Sandy and Mary Syburg also believe in sustainable relationships—and that's what they enjoy with Securant Bank & Trust. Says Mary Syburg, "They have our best interests at heart."

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"A strong financial partner that understands my needs and provides realistic solutions is essential to business. Securant Bank & Trust is the financial partner that helps my business excel."

Aquarius Systems

Jane Dauffenbach, President - Aquarius Systems

Aquarius Systems keeps waterways around the world flowing with state-of-the-art equipment to remove dense aquatic vegetation. Securant Bank & Trust keeps Aquarius Systems growing with state-of-the-art financing, savvy business solutions and warm, personal service. "They know our business, and they have the patience to see us through our ups and downs," says Jane Dauffenbach, Aquarius Systems president. "That kind of relationship is priceless - and that's why we stay with Securant Bank & Trust."

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