Home Mortgage

Construction Loans

Building a new home is an exciting prospect, and at Securant Bank & Trust®, we make it easy for you. Because each construction project is unique, we work with the borrower to create a customized loan package that best fits his or her needs. As with our conventional mortgages, approval and decision making is done locally, so you get quick turnaround times and dependable service.

Securant Bank & Trust Construction Loan Features

  • Interest only payments
  • Easy transition to permanent financing

The Application Process

We work to ensure your mortgage process runs smoothly and quickly. In general, here is what you can expect when you apply for a mortgage at Securant Bank & Trust.

1. Application

Call our mortgage department at 1-800-980-9277 to schedule an appointment. If you stop into our offices to apply, the following documents will help speed up the process.

  • Social Security Numbers (for all borrowers)
  • Employment history for past two years, including dates and income
  • Payroll stubs for one month and W-2s for last two years
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Tax returns for last two years
  • Credit information, including account number, payment amount, and current balance for all accounts
  • Proof of other income, such as land contracts or dividend income
  • If renting, landlord's name and address
  • Loan information and address of current mortgage lender
At the time of application, initial disclosures along with a Good Faith Estimate of closing costs will be provided.

2. Underwriting

At this time Securant Bank & Trust will:

  • Review the application
  • Pull credit bureau reports
  • Based on findings of underwriting procedure, proceed to verification process
  • Approve the loan

3. Verification

Securant Bank & Trust will verify the information you provided through income/employment checks, credit checks, and verification of assets. We will assess the property you intend to purchase.

4. Closing

To prepare for the closing the following steps are taken:

  • Securant Bank & Trust contacts all parties involved to schedule a closing date
  • Your closing statement will be reviewed with you prior to closing and the exact amount needed at closing will be determined 
  • At the closing you will need a Cashier's Check for the exact amount of the purchase, homeowner's insurance policy or binder, and a paid receipt