Personal Debit Card

Insert, PIN or sign and go

It’s better than a checkbook, more secure than cash. Fast and easy and no more waiting for check approval.

  • Pay for your purchases directly from your Securant checking account
  • Convenient recordkeeping. Detailed transactions appear on your monthly statement
  • 24 hour ATM access. Get access to cash, deposits or transfer money after hours

Added security with chip debit cards

A chip card is a debit or credit card that contains a microprocessor that enhances the security of cards during point-of-sale transactions.

How to use your chip card

  • Insert the card, face up and chip end into the chip-enabled terminal
  • Leave the card in the terminal until your transaction is complete
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and sign or enter your PIN
  • Remove your card when the screen prompts you
To apply for a Personal Debit Card call us at (414) 442-5800

Visa® Purchase Alerts

Get alerts for transactions and immediately identify any potential fraudulent activity when you enroll in Visa® Purchase Alerts.

  • Purchase amount thresholds
  • International purchases
  • Purchases made on the internet or over the phone
Enroll in Visa® Purchase Alerts for added protection on your debit card.