Securant Personal Banking

Personal Loans

Your needs for money are as individual as you are.  That's why Securant Bank & Trust® offers a wide variety of loans to meet your needs:

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To find out more information about our products or request an application please contact a Banking Representative or call 1-800-980-9277.

Automobile Loans

An auto loan from Securant Bank & Trust allows you to borrow money for the purchase of new and used automobiles. We offer a range of competitive interest rates and payment schedules, including our easy automatic payment plan.

  • Financing available at 80% of cost or NADA Blue Book value which ever is less
  • Notes based on 12 to 60 month amortization
  • Fixed interest rate
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Late fee of $10.00 or 5%, whichever is less, on payments delinquent ten days

Installment Loans

A variety of terms are available to finance a vacation, boat, or other major purchase, to consolidate bills into one easy monthly payment, or to fund many other personal needs. Choose a fixed rate and term and fixed monthly payments makes budgeting easy.

Credit Cards

A Visa® credit card from Securant Bank & Trust can help you manage your monthly expenses. With several cards to choose from you are sure to find the card that is right for you.

  • Visa® Bonus Rewards
  • Visa® Bonus Rewards PLUS
  • Visa® Platinum Card
  • Visa® College Rewards
Please contact a Banking Representative for card details and application at 1-800-980-9277.

Ready Reserve Line of Credit (RRL)

(Overdraft Protection)
Get the protection of a pre-approved credit line automatically accessed up to your available credit limit whenever your checking account balance falls below zero.

  • Pre-approved line of credit which is accessed by a client writing a check for more than their checking account balance or by requesting a direct loan
  • Line of Credit from $300 to $2,000
  • Funds are transferred from your RRL to your checking account in increments of $100
  • Small monthly payments will be deducted when your RRL is in use

RRL In Use

RRL in Use Monthly Payment
 $ 0.01 to $15.00  Balance
 $15.01 to $300  $15.00
 $301 to $400  $20.00
 $401 to $500  $25.00
 $501 to $600  $30.00 
 $601 to $700   $35.00
 etc. Each additional $100
in balance will result in
an increase of $5.00 in
the Monthly Payment.
  • Additional payments can be made at anytime, by transferring from checking account.
    Note: Principal balance on RRL is not automatically reduced when deposits are made to checking account.
  • All activity on Ready Reserve Line will be detailed on the monthly checking account statement.
To find out more information about our products or request an application please contact a Banking Representative or call 1-800-980-9227.