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Home Equity Options

Your home is probably the most valuable asset you own. Whether you need to finance college tuition, a new car or boat, home improvements, vacations, or meet unexpected expenses, Securant Bank & Trust® gives you a better way to borrow with a Home Equity Line of Credit or Home Equity Loan.

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Home Equity Line of Credit

A Securant Bank & Trust Home Equity Line is based on the equity you have in your home. You can borrow up to 85% of your home's appraisal value, minus its mortgage balance.

  • Borrow up to 85% of appraised value or 70% of bank's fair market evaluation, less prior mortgage
  • Revolving line of credit
  • Accessible by check; minimum advance of $500.00
  • Repayment plan of interest only
  • Variable rate, tied to Prime rate, which could adjust monthly
  • Monthly statement of account activity
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Term of 5 years, with 5% floor rate
  • Annual Fee of $35.00

Home Equity Loan

If you would prefer a lump sum loan rather than a revolving line of credit, you can obtain a Home Equity Loan. You make monthly payments on principal and interest during the term of the loan. With predictable, fixed monthly payments you can choose a term that fits your budget.